All the flavour with no compromises


Also suitable for allergy sufferers


Made and cooled naturally

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Just 1-5 calories per sauce serving


No fat and no sugar


CALLOWFIT® sauces and dressings are our new trend brand for a healthier diet. We don’t add any fat, sugar or flavour enhancers. Excellent taste, suitable for every meal – whether meat, fish or salad. Our sauces are made of natural raw ingredients, such as tomato, salt, pepper and spices, which have been gently cooked and cooled.

CALLOWFIT® sauces not only look like real sauces and dressings – they also taste that way.
Try them and see for yourself!

Fancy Garlic

Our soft & spicy sauce

  • Tastes like aioli

  • The pleasantly subtly smelling garlic sauce is reminiscent of a typical aioli cream.

  • As regards taste, the light, spicy character of the garlic sauce is the perfect accompaniment for meat and barbecued food.

  • But the Fancy Garlic sauce is also highly recommended as a salad dressing.

  • The low-carb alternative is a must for any garlic lover.

Caesar Style

Our full-bodied sauce

  • With the typical colour and the perfect consistency

  • A delicate Parmesan flavour with a gentle spicy note and parsley

  • Perfect for fish, salads and as a dip

Tasty Toscana

Our fruity-spicy sauce

  • A charming exterior with the nature of a strong red sauce and a perfect thick consistency
  • A fine and spicy Mediterranean base flavour with a slightly spicy Italian note
  • The perfect complement to any meal and snack
  • Ideal for chicken, meat, pasta, rice or potatoes

Smoky BBQ

Our smoky-spicy sauce

  • An appetisingly characteristic dark brown colour with the perfect consistency

  • A slightly smoky base flavour with a refined note of barbecue and mustard

  • Perfect for barbecues and as a dip

  • Ideal for beef, potatoes and grilled vegetables

1.000 Island Style

Our fresh sauce

  • With the typical colour and the perfect consistency

  • A delicate Parmesan flavour with a gentle spicy note and parsley

  • Perfect for fish, salads and as a dip

Honey Mustard

Our sweet & herb sauce

  • An intense dark-yellow colour with a perfect consistency

  • A delightful pure taste of real honey and real mustard combined

  • The perfect complement to many meals and snacks

  • Ideal for chicken, meat, salads or sandwiches

Sweety Chili

Our hot & spicy sauce

  • Covered in a red “sweet chili” jacket with a perfect consistency

  • A delicious balance between sweet and spicy with a note of paprika

  • The perfect complement to many meals and snacks

  • Ideal for chicken, pasta, rice or vegetables


There’s no such thing like sauces and dressings with no fat and sugar, with almost 0 calories and with a whole lot of taste? Oh, yes, there is! Because now there are CALLOWFIT® sauces and dressings. No more water on your plate or soup in your salad! A thick and creamy consistency, suitable for salads, meat, fish or just for dipping. Just 1-5 calories per serving makes every meal a healthy pleasure.

No-one has to forego taste – whether it’s a matter of a spicy Italian, smoky grilled, Parmesan or a light dill and cucumber flavour – CALLOWFIT® sauces complement and combine every meal with a unique, delicious and light taste experience. This is the new CALLOWFIT® taste innovation!

In contrast to traditional sauces and dressings, we don’t use sugar, fat, flavour enhancers or animal products. All our sauces are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. What’s more, our sauces and dressings are free of lactose, gluten and aspartame.


Our sauces are 100% suitable for vegetarians and vegans


Greasy sauces are a thing of yesterday – we simply don’t make them!


You won’t find any industrial sugar in our sauces!


We guarantee you a 100% taste experience!


No milk or dairy products – guaranteed. Suitable for allergy sufferers!


Guaranteed free of gluten. Suitable for allergy sufferers.


Not in our sauces, thank you very much!


Yes, that’s right – not more than that per serving.



Eat what you see. This is important for us. That’s why you can also see our sauces.
We don’t cover anything up! All you see is pure sauce, so all you’ll get is pure taste.

CALLOWFIT® sauces and dressings are easy to pour and handle.
The clean closure allows you to pour out just the amount of sauce you want.

Try it out!


Our CALLOWFIT® products are available at many selected shops on the Internet or just around the corner.
Search for the shop that’s nearest to you.


We are looking for you! Do you want to become a CALLOWFIT®  partner, distributor or sales representative and distribute our product range or would you like to sell it in your stores, shops, businesses, gyms, online shops etc.?

Then become part of our success story and contact us now!



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